The ACC currently develops and maintains three websites: Pro Europa, Epopteia, and Epagoge.

Pro Europa is a site dedicated to the European cultural unity and uniqueness. Under the aegis of the Association of European Journalists (Greek Section) and with content in five different languages, it is distinguished for its rich library. Ambelos is working to establish the Pro Europa Club, a lodge of literati with correspondent members from all of Europe, not only the European Union. The publication of our monthly e-newsletter titled "At Issue" serves as a medium in discussing the important European issues with our members and friends.

Epopteia, the "mystic knowledge" in ancient Greek (Epoptes was the initiated in Eleusinian mysteries) was a review of philosophy and current affairs issued monthly from 1976 to 1991 and quarterly from 1991 to 1994. It was recognized as one of the leading european reviews at a conference of the European Association for Cultural Affairs (London, 1985) and its digitalization is a major project for the ACC. Along with the original (and now collectible) published material, the format of an Online Review has been adopted and as such EPOPTEIA will be re-issued with new material under the same Editors: Zenobia and Pan. Drakopoulos. Homages, reviews and articles are in both English and Greek, not necessarily with the same texts, but always on the same subject.