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Alexander the Great. The Conquest of History

ISBN 978-960-98778-3-1

Translated by Zenobia Drakopoulos

Neither a biography nor an account of the Alexander’s campaign, the book meets the question of how Alexander has been interpreted by the people through history. Who is he for ancient Egyptians or the mediaeval Persian poets? What was the attitude of Romans and all Europeans from the middle Ages to Franz Kafka? The philosophical approach of the author has been completed with an extensive illustration from illuminated manuscripts to valuable objects and modern art.

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Uknown Paintings by C. Parthenis

The Art Historian and Founder of Ambelos Cultural Centre G. Mylonas unveils 4 previously uknown works by Constantin Parthenis, the most important Greek painter of 20th century. The book has been discussed on TV, newspapers and radio; it has impressed art experts and surprised art lovers.

Mr Mylonas is furthering his research on unknown Parthenis works and a second book on the subject is expected to be released at the end of 2013.

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